Steve and Michelle Osman (Father & Daughter)


Father and Daughter, Art for the Environment, Art for ANY Environment!

Steve and Michelle were kind enough to sit with us and answer questions about life, art, the joy and struggle of living and working in Costa Rica, and what to do when you stop guiding gringos down river. From paradise to paradise, this family has made sense of it all with lots of love, and enough paint to cover every newly-hip city in the Western hemisphere. See below for links to their websites.

Andrew Couch
Skip Anderson

Skip, Andrea, and Berit.

We met Skip through our mutual friend, in Bozeman, MT. Skip is a busy guy.  He's a new father, an award-winning journalist, the communications specialist for the Center for Biofilm Research at the University of Montana, and he is an all around fantastic guy. We sat with him in his home, with chili on the pot, and his young daughter in Tiffany's arms. We cover journalism, food, issues facing the American South, the beauty and charm of the American West, and a phobia of Jack White. Share and Enjoy!


The story of Vernon Rust - The Black Lillies - The Contributor (Street Newspaper) - Biofilm Engineering

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Dean Martin - Just the Other Side of Nowhere

Blind Willie McTell - Climbing High Mountains

J.J. Cale - Thirteen Days

Jimbo Mathus and the Knockdown South - Monkey Business

Ricardo Serpa

We are so pleased to bring you this one!  Meet our new pal, Ricardo Serpa.  Ricardo is a dedicated follower of Passion!  Tune-in to hear an inspirational tale about his journeys from Miami to Alaska on a motorcycle, his adventures in life, work and love, and lessons learned from death and near death.  Share and Enjoy! 

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

The Who - Magic Bus

Sly and the Family Stone - You Can Make it if You Try

Pink Floyd - Time

Led Zeppelin - South Bound Suarez

Fiona Apple - Across the Universe (The Beatles)

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Amber Vaska

Eskimo Ice Cream is better than it sounds!

Amber is a mom, a fiercely kind competitor in the Native Games, and an advocate for the dignity of indigenous people in Alaska.  We met Amber at her home in Fairbanks and had a great chat about the games, the reality facing native people in Alaska, the tragedy awaiting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and how to say hello, thank you, and poop in her native tongue.    

Andrew Couch
Gary Toth

Oh boy! Gary Toth, our new pal in Fairbanks, has some stuff say, and we wanted to hear it! If you have a long road trip in your future, this is the show for you! We talked for almost three hours about his life, a child guru, a reformed prophet, spiritual communities, the pointlessness of existence (or maybe not), and a healthy variety of other topics. Coffee is a helluva drug!


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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Is Mod Se Jate Hain Kishore

King Crimson - Court of the Crimson King

The Black Keys - Meet me in the City (Junior Kimbrough)

T-Rex - Cosmic Dancer

Big Thief - Haley

Gene Vincent - Born to Be A Rolling Stone



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Melisse & Dave
Dave, Melisse, Quito.jpg

We Can All Be Friends.

On a beach, on a walk, with a dog...that is how you make new friends!  Melisse, her little dog Quito and her friend Bill (Last week's guest), were immediately taken with Pelé's clearly majestic countenance. We quickly became pals.  We spent three days and nights with Melisse, her husband Dave, little Quito and their friend Bill.  We ate, we drank, we took a hike, and we did some yoga together.  We are tremendously glad to have met these delightful creatures, and are equally glad to share this week's episode with our pals out there in the world.  Tune in to hear what makes Homer, AK such a special place.  Share and enjoy!     

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Bill Gilbert
(Right to Left) Pelé, Quito & Bill

(Right to Left) Pelé, Quito & Bill

Bill, at work in Panama.

Our Guest today is an officer, a gentleman, an educator, and a student of life. We met this kind fellow on the beach in Homer, AK, and are richer for the experience. Take a listen to what Bill has learned in his career in the Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel, as an educator teaching Spanish, and as an officer for the the U.S. Department of State.



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Oscar Aleman - Delicado
Los Poboycitos - Amor Como Fuego
Nicola Cruz - Sanación
Alla - Improvisations
Scott Walker - 30 Century Man

BONUS EPISODE - Dominique & Fabrice (

Dominique & Fabrice are traveling the world, telling stories, and taking a snapshot of the crazy thing as it spins wildly out of control.  We met them in BC, Canada and sat down to eat some chips and have a chat.  This is a bonus episode - we apologize for the messy audio quality.  


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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Francoise Hardy - Ça A Raté

Brigitte Bardot - Moi Je Joue

Gillian Hills - Tut Tut Tut Tut

Sly & the Family Stone - Everybody is a Star

Jennifer Reyes

Our Guest today is 19, going on 30. If Jennifer Reyes is our future, I'm feeling a bit more upbeat about seeing it someday. We talked about seasonal work, social work, love, haircuts, and more. Prop up your feet after a hard days work, and enjoy this episode from the road!


Tunes in This Episode

Oscar Aleman – Delicado

Richard Swift - Lady Luck

Diggable Planets - Where I'm From

Ibrahim Fererr - Bruca Maniguá


Cristina Torres

Cristina's daughter, Teresa!

Whooa...Tiff went solo on this one! She sat down with our new friend Cristina Torres to drink a little wine and talk about travel with children. Cristina and her family have been traveling and growing on their way from Brazil to Alaska for the past 4 years. We met them in Canada! Most of the tunes on this episode were recorded at our friends Paul & Jesse's home in Astoria Oregon. Enjoy this little Canada Day conversation between a Brazilian and an American.



O Nosso Quintal - Instagram - Facebook

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Paul & Jesse - (Izaura) (Águas de Março) (Água de Bebe) (A Felicidade) (Chega de Saudad)

Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata


Frazey Obadiah Ford

Frazey, in addition to being related to the great and powerful, Charris Ford, is also well known for having been one of the founding members of the Canadian folk band, “The Be Good Tanyas”. Her recent solo works have been incredibly soulful tours of the human condition. In between being a mom, a seamstress, a recent home buyer, and an entertainer, she took a moment to sit with us and share a few stories. If you haven't heard her music before now, no worries, this episode features several tracks from her latest record – Indian Ocean! Share and Enjoy!




Tunes in This Episode

Oscar Aleman – Delicado

Willie Nelson – Slow Down Old World

Frazey Ford – You're Not Free

Frazey Ford – Done

Frazey Ford – Indian Ocean

Gary Anderson

This week we are so happy to bring you this gem from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia; a conversation with our new pal, Gary! We met Gary at his shop on the island, Rainbow Road Trading. After about 7 minutes of talking, he invited us over for dinner. We accepted, and are so glad we did. Gary is fascinating, his wife is a sweet and lovely woman who knows her way around a great meal, and their home is an amazing refuge for cats, dogs, and sheep. They were incredibly kind, generous and fun to be around. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did.



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Oscar Aleman – Delicado

The Kinks – Shangri La

Elvis Presley – Too Much Monkey Business

Cake – Stickshifts and Safety Belts

Cat Stevens – If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out

Joel Solomon

What can I tell you about Joel Solomon that you might not find out via a Google search? Well, he is as nice in person as he appears to be on camera. Joel is the author of 'The Clean Money Revolution - Reinventing Power, Purpose, and Capitalism'. He is also a true pioneer of responsible finance and has dedicated his life's work to making wealth do as little harm as possible. We sat down with Joel at his home on Cortes Island, BC and had a little chat about life, death, clean money, fiction, happiness, the past, the future, and what it takes to not be a terrible ancestor. We are glad to have met Joel and are proud to bring you this episode. Share and enjoy!



 Joel's Website - Hollyhock - THE BOOK - Renewal Funds - Roslyn Solomon

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

The Beatles - Revolution

Devo - Gut Feeling

Neil Young - Out on The Weekend


Michael Ableman

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. 

Our conversation with Michael Ableman was an honor for us.  Michael is, in the truest sense of the word, a farmer.  We met him at his farm on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.  When we arrived (in the middle of planting season), Michael was on his hands and knees, planting strawberries and working the dirt.  When he isn't actually farming, he is writing books, taking beautiful photos, lecturing and consulting around the world, and managing an urban agriculture project in the city of Vancouver.  As two people who have quit working to go have fun and play around, being with such a hardworking and driven individual was an inspiration.  

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On The Hiyu

These two characters, Jeff Wilson and David Crellin, are the brains, brawn, hair skin and nails behind Seattle's newest floating venue - The Hiyu.  We talked about magic, acrobatics, boats, bars, and bris.  Give this one a listen if you want to be inspired to take on your next challenge.  





Tunes in this Episode

Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Celia Cruz - Tu Voz

Easy Star All Stars - Money (Pink Floyd)

The Black Keys - Act Nice and Gentle to Me (The Kinks)

Wanda Jackson - Funnel of Love

Bas Power - Waati



Andrew Couch
Russ Yuly

It All Begins With an RV...

Russ Yuly stopped by our van to tell us about the worst day of his life. We were happy to turn on the mics and listen in while he wove his yarn through our brains and into our hearts. This type of encounter is exactly what we had in mind when we set out to meet interesting people and share their stories with anyone willing to listen to them. Welcome to Monkey Tooth!

This episode resonates deeply for us.  As you may know, we lived in an RV for the last 3 1/2 years. We recently sold that RV to some friends and neighbors. Since selling it, a massive water leak was discovered, and upon further inspection, it turns out the leak ruined a substantial amount of the sub-floor! As you can imagine, this has been upsetting to our friends who bought the RV from us, and has been deeply unsettling to us, as we would never have sold the thing if we had known about the leak and water damage. This saga is ongoing, and will require quite a bit of expense on our part, and no small amount of inconvenience to our friends.

As we listened to Russ tell his tale (trying desperately to ignore the mid-level anxiety of our own lingering troubles), we were reminded - everything is temporary and if you live through it you win!

I think we will all live through the ordeal of our old RV. We are supremely glad to have lived long enough to meet this sweet character.  Thanks for the reminder, Russ!

Tunes in This Episode

Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Fats Domino - I'm Walkin'

Cliff Carslile - Ash Can Blues

Blind Willie McTell - Broke Down Engine Blues

Django Reinhardt - Solid Old Man

Johnny Cash - We'll Meet Again

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Old Apple Farm

Old Apple Farm (Humans Left to right - Trevor, Mike, Kenny*, Gregg, and Dave) (Dogs Left to right - Noodle, Watson, Peppers)

What can we say about this group of dudes? These four have gone the distance and are pursuing their dreams with every bit of their ingenuity, effort, passion, drive, and basically every word you have ever seen on an ad for a supplement, a boner pill or workout routine. Do you have an interest in cannabis? Have you ever smoked grass, maaannnn? If not, don't worry, being a pot-head is not required to enjoy this episode. If you have an interest in hearing about a team of individuals working together to succeed in the face of long odds, you will enjoy this. If you are interested in botany, biology, horticulture, sustainability, or organic farming, there is plenty here for you. If you just like to imagine four hot dudes sharing one thick black microphone, passed roughly back and forth between them, then you are in for a treat!

*Kenny was not present for the recording of the podcast and regrets it deeply.


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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

The Specials - Gangsters

Scientist - Party on the Enterprise

Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Superape - Underground

Yabby You - Achieving in Dub




Ross Evans (Xtracycle)

Xtracycle or SEXtracycle?

This episode of the MTP is with the creator and CEO of Xtracycle, a family-commuter-utility longtail bicycle company.  Ross was kind enough to invite us over to his home to record with us.  We talked about bicycles, socially responsible business practices, podcasting, trusting your intuition, navigating our own hypocrisy, and getting horny on a bike.  Ross is an EdgeRunner, a pioneer, and according to his two kids (Kale and Ike, ages 7 and 1), he is one part fish, one part beaver, two parts owl, three parts monkey, one part turtle, one part lion, 3.14 parts dragon. and constitutionally unemployable.  
Share and enjoy!  


Xtracycle - 

Tunes in This Episode

Oscar Aleman - Delicado

The Meters - Chicken Strut

Midlake - Mr. Amateur

Ray Charles - Mary Ann

Scientist - Smerf Wak Head

John Lee Hooker - Will The Circle Be Unbroken


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Christina & Ellie (Mommy & Mama)

Mommy& Mama

In the second part of our two-part series on non-traditional parenting, (and only two days after mother's day) we struck Mom-gold!  These two ladies are great moms and have a special tale to tell. We sat down with Ellie and Christina in their home in Marin, County and talked about breaking a leg in New York City, finding love, and what it takes to be a mom when your partner is also a mom.  


Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Cat Stevens - Where do the Children Play

Eels - World of Shit

Everly Brothers - Lord of the Manor

Pavement - Pueblo Domain

Gillian Welch - Look at Miss Ohio

Miriam Makeba - Intandane


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