This is the first entry...We will do our best to update this as often as we can.  Our journey will officially begin on May 1st, but before we leave, there is much to do.  Our goal is to record a few stories with friends and family to make sure we have at least some of the bugs worked out before we take off.  

We are building a gofundme page and a Patreon page.  As soon as those are live, we will be sending emails and notifications to everyone we know.  We will also be making a video of our van project, and will post that to youtube as soon as it is done.  We hope to attract the attention of the many people out there working on their own van projects, looking for inspiration.  We found that incredibly helpful in our project, so we would like to return the favor to a stranger.  

Although we want to spend most of our time exploring and wandering around without any particular goals in mind, we are both the type of person who needs shit to do...and it must be the sort of thing which is worth doing.  This podcast is most definitely something worth doing.

If you have any suggestions, know of someone you think we should meet on our travels, or would like to help support us in any way, feel free to contact us!

Looking forward to more entries - T&A

Andrew Couch