Utah, Arizona, California, Part 1

I am way behind on the journaling. In an attempt to catch up, and simultaneously give myself a little break from writing to myself, this entry will cover a great deal of ground, in considerably fewer words. In other words, this one is mostly pictures!

I would like to tell anyone willing to read this, just how much I appreciate you. I appreciate you as a patient person, willing to overlook errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, redundancy and grammar. I appreciate your presence here. I appreciate your good taste, and your willingness to expand that good taste to include the reading of these journals. And, I appreciate you as an inspiration. You, if you are really there, are an unexpected gift to me, a strange treasure, sending soft, nearly inaudible little messages to me as I pour out my heart and ponder the obvious. Your message to me is a simple and sweet, “What the hell are you talking about?” It is a message I need, and one I often ask of myself. Let’s hope we both find an answer to that question in 2019 - Sincerely, Andrew

On the road, out of Moab.

Our first ferry ride since Alaska - Lake Powell, Utah.

Sunset near Capitol Reef, healing from a snake bite.

A fire, dancing over the bones of juniper, cottonwood and pine - Capitol Reef, UT

Petrified and fearless, all in one shot.

Wind in my hair, bugs in my teeth, joy in my heart.

Slot Canyons!

No bullshit, thank you, Escalante, UT!

Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Bryce Canyon, Utah



Zion National Park, a regal stare down.

You can walk up this with as many loud, crazy children as you can convince to go with you…but not one single dog is allowed. I would like to sincerely thank Planned Parenthood for gifting me with that vasectomy a few years back; Mahalo!

Pelé sends his best wishes to Brazil, and sends his regrets for the election of Bolsonaro!

Moqui Cave, a delightful and strange cave in Knab, Utah. Family owned and operated.

Moqui Cave…glow in the dark stones and crystals.

More Moqui Cave!

A squeeze and a kiss on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, North Rim

We camped here for an evening. Not a single soul was within miles of us. We watched a spectacular storm develop and play out over the South Rim. Lightning, high winds and heavy rain were mercifully far away. After the coldest night of our trip so far, we woke up to frozen water lines and sub-zero temperatures. Grand Canyon, North Rim

Grand Canyon, South Rim

Bright Angel Trail - South Rim, Grand Canyon



This delightful creature was on the trail above the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I spent a few minutes trying to get as close to it as I could without pissing it off. What a beautiful creature. A passing Texan dismissed it with a remark about how much bigger they are back home..typical.

Queen for a day…this is a leftover from our stay in Denver, Co. Tiara, compliments of Mabel Magdovitz.

Warning, metamorphosis from man to lobster may induce brown-out flatulence and/or explosive vomiting.

Arizona, please take it easy on the snakes!

Left to right - Casey, Pelé, Susie, Tim, Tiffany

Pelé and Casey, ready to go!

Visit Bisbee, park like you live there, spend lots of cash, and be nice to everyone you meet!

Our first encounter with the bizarre and beautiful art at Bombay Beach, CA - Angler Grove, an art installation piece by Randy Polumbo.

Our journey began in California, and has taken us on a 16,000 plus mile circle. That circle began in L.A., and was completed after our transmission bit the dust. We’ll tell that tale in the next journal entry!

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