Into Canada


An inordinate number of microscopic creatures are located just under my front left paw. When I lift it up, be prepared to greet them with all the charm you can muster. I suggest something profound, yet conciliatory.

Olympic Peninsula, WA

Olympic Peninsula, WA

Sol Duc Falls - Olympic Peninsula, WA

Sol Duc Falls - Olympic Peninsula, WA

Our View from the top of the bottom of the heap. Port Angeles, WA

My dear, we could go on all day arguing about what should be done to address the human problem. I suggest we put that aside for now and focus on us. How does it feel when I move it like this?

Fox Glove Farms – Salt Spring Island, BC

Michael Ableman & some jerk.  Fox Glove Farms – Salt Spring Island, BC

Gary & a sentient cricket – Salt Spring Island, BC

Joel Solomon, Cortes Island, BC - Sometimes the camera will capture a look that doesn't quite reflect the true feelings of the subject in focus. Other times, the camera conveys precisely what the subject has in mind. What face would you make if you were being harangued with strangely worded questions by some weirdo?

Cortes Island, BC

I'm on a journey through time and space. Like most, I track my progress with the benchmarks of joy, suffering, pleasure, pain. I welcome you now to witness the feeling one gets after finding the fortitude to leap into the depths of the universe on a quest to recover the truly sacred and to wholly appreciate the simply material.  

Cortes Island, BC

Cortes Island, BC

“What have you come to ask of me?” When I did not immediately answer, she continued - “I will answer one question at a time. Word them carefully.”

When I remembered the language I was meant to use, my questions would slip away. When I remembered the questions, only the lumbering language of men was available to me. Finally, I closed my eyes, let my focus melt away from the man in my head, and spoke in the language of the carbon atom. I asked my simple questions of this ancient being.

“What can I do to stop the evil of men?” I asked.

“That foolish question says much about you.” Her voice was nowhere and everywhere. I could not hear anything, but her words came into my memory like a sculpture done in relief. She continued, “Define evil for yourself and cease doing it at once. Only then you will have done your part, and that is all you can hope to do. For the likes of you, that alone is a life's work.”

“Is there hope for our kind?”

“Hope? Your Kind? What would you hope for? And just what 'kind' are you? Are you and I of a different 'kind'? I should think there is always hope, so long as there are beings to dream up words like hope. As far as whether or not your 'kind' have any hope, my dear child, when your 'kind' decided to define itself as something 'other', is when the real trouble began. The rest of us have hope, and it is that your 'kind' realize the truth before there are none of you left to play these delightful games.”

“What is the “truth” you speak of?”

“That your last question should be the only good one you asked does not surprise me at all.” Her tone, although inaudible, gave the distinct impression of being delivered through a uniquely cheeky grin. She continued in this way. “You and the others like you who live by spoken words and are seeking to transcend the flesh and blood of this world, are not in control of anything, let alone yourselves! You and your kind who strive to project your collective minds into the future and onto other worlds inside of machines are not doing so because you thought it was a good idea! You are being led by the hand into this future, little one. And that hand is not holding yours as gently as you might wish. Should you wish to know more, and I expect you do, you need to ask Raven. But, I don't expect he will want to tell you least, not right away. Good luck!”

With that, her voice was gone and she moved along, as slowly as she had been moving since before the apes began to drift apart into tribes and cities.

Cortes Island, BC

Tofino, BC - The tale of “The Weeping Cedar Woman” is unknown to me. There was a brief telling of the significance of some of the elements in this sculpture, but no origin story or supporting narrative. However, any tale that includes a lady with snakes for tits, lightning bolt fingertips and an infinity fountain of tears is one I am eager to read.

Tofino, BC

Occasionally, what they really want is to just pick you up and carry you around. I find it best to let the big dumb animals have their way most of the time.

A Whole in the Wall, Port Alberni, BC

Port Alberni, BC

If your desire is for a particular moment or object to carry great significance, the only necessary ingredient is your belief that it is so. The moment you begin to believe in the sacredness of time or space, you are an alchemist of tremendous power. The hard part is true believing. Welcome to the human race.


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