Back in California, Part 2

Our trusted van takes its first ride on the back of a truck. We can only hope this is a rare occurrence.

From November to January, we were in California. Most of that time was spent in Yucca Valley, house-sitting and working on projects for our pal, Tao Ruspoli. I spent a few weeks working with a friend in Larkspur, CA, and Tiffany took a solo road trip up the coast to pick me up.

In the meantime, our transmission failed, we made friends with Oliver and Cheryl (a miracle working mechanic and his delightful wife and partner), we made a little money, spent it all on a broken heat and air unit at my house in Memphis, TN, attended “The Motherfucker Awards”, had a gentle yet powerful experience with D.M.T., hiked, worked, got sick, played music, recorded podcasts, took a 500 mile journey in a 1953 Greyhound Bus with Tao, and celebrated NYE with new friends!


Give Thanks!

I think the whole experience is best summed up with a quote from my friend Erik Jacobsen. I was fortunate enough to share Thanksgiving dinner with Erik, his wife Lala, and their close friends (including Ricci Cornell).

When asked to deliver the pre-meal prayer, Erik delivered the following gem, while gesturing casually towards the beautiful spread of food in the kitchen;

“Oh great creator, thanks for all of this shit. Uhhh, we’re lucky people. Let’s eat.”

The young man has no quarrel with Bombay Beach!

Pelé, while technically not an Airbnb guest, does tend to avail himself of both the B and the B!

Sunset on the Pacific on a road trip with Tiff.

Agriculture leads to war, like having great taste leads to bathing luxuriantly in the middle of the day!

Our friend and host, Tao Ruspoli!

Mercifully, Pelé did not take a piss on the red carpet. He did manage to excitedly jump on Nell Newman, Daughter of Paul Newman. Dignity at any price!

Our Niece, Corrine, sits-in with Kaya Lindsay!

Yucca Valley Sunset…yawn.

Tiff and Pelé, pose with our friends Courtney, Biggie and Josh Short!

Rain clouds - Yucca Valley, CA

Our friend and guest, Hannah Gallagher!

We did not build this!


In lieu of Brushing One’s Teeth!

Pelé is a fan of hikes, so long as there are ample opportunities to find things which we can throw for him. His tiny teeth are getting smaller by the day, thanks to his crazed-need to chew on shit.

Yet another glorious sunset…what a shock.

Behold the Tesseract, Bombay Beach, CA!

Tiff is so damn fancy…and with her camera phone, come on!

Pelé does not like this hat.

Back on the Pacific Ocean at Salmon Creek!

Elio was mostly happy to see us back at his home, after 8 months of having not been around.

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