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Soul, brother?

If you are convinced your body is occupied by an immortal soul, and are not interested in hearing otherwise, feel free to skip this journal entry entirely; it only gets worse from here.  Seriously, if you are even remotely offended by considering ideas about theology which differ from yours, please close this window and don't look back…last chance!

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Free Movement

Freely moving, I watch as waves of vanishing time crash over the strange and muddled destinations I’m slowly forgetting.  A raft of human connections, some meaningful, others pointless, keeps me floating through both open ocean and overcrowded currents. Occasionally I feel a powerful lonesome undertow, born of having company.  However, these are the words of a fortunate man.  A man drenched by a sea of what my friend Erik calls, “endless days of fucking around”.  

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Light A Candle For No Reason...But For Reason Only.

After four months of somewhat stationary living, Tiff and I are doing our best to settle into life on the road again.  Pele´, as usual, is the standard bearer for exemplary behavior on the road and at home.  If he could speak, I imagine he might say, “Relax, and a good time will likely follow.  If it doesn’t, at least you’ll be relaxed.”


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