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Soul, brother?

If you are convinced your body is occupied by an immortal soul, and are not interested in hearing otherwise, feel free to skip this journal entry entirely; it only gets worse from here.  Seriously, if you are even remotely offended by considering ideas about theology which differ from yours, please close this window and don't look back…last chance!

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Ancient Cultures, Beautiful and Strange; and a Visit From Mom

Watching her wander off into the airport with her minimal luggage, Tiff and I were sad to see her go, but thrilled to know she was doing what she loved.  Hopefully her experience was similar as she watched our big red van lumber off into the mid-day sun. 

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Ship High In Transit

It is important to remember, while the events unfolding in this journal were taking place, nearly 12 billion tons of Arctic ice melted away in a single day, dozens of people were shot to death by assholes in my home country, and all around the world people were suffering from disaster and misfortune of endless variety.  So if you notice I’m complaining about the exceedingly mild calamities which were our spectacularly-bearable lot, rest assured I remain aware of this simple rule of thumb – Worse things have happened to better people.  

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