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Ancient Cultures, Beautiful and Strange; and a Visit From Mom

Watching her wander off into the airport with her minimal luggage, Tiff and I were sad to see her go, but thrilled to know she was doing what she loved.  Hopefully her experience was similar as she watched our big red van lumber off into the mid-day sun. 

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Free Movement

Freely moving, I watch as waves of vanishing time crash over the strange and muddled destinations I’m slowly forgetting.  A raft of human connections, some meaningful, others pointless, keeps me floating through both open ocean and overcrowded currents. Occasionally I feel a powerful lonesome undertow, born of having company.  However, these are the words of a fortunate man.  A man drenched by a sea of what my friend Erik calls, “endless days of fucking around”.  

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Spanish lessons - With a Special Focus on Needlessly Dry Sarcasm

In the culture of the Mazatec people of Oaxaca, Salvia Divinorum has roots in shamanic rituals which are meant to invoke some sort of congress with the Virgin Mary.  Confused and somewhat muddled theologies aside, I had always wanted to try this plant, and purchased the package without hesitation.  I also bought a small colorful glass pipe which would be solely dedicated to smoking it when the time was right.

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