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Ancient Cultures, Beautiful and Strange; and a Visit From Mom

Watching her wander off into the airport with her minimal luggage, Tiff and I were sad to see her go, but thrilled to know she was doing what she loved.  Hopefully her experience was similar as she watched our big red van lumber off into the mid-day sun. 

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Free Movement

Freely moving, I watch as waves of vanishing time crash over the strange and muddled destinations I’m slowly forgetting.  A raft of human connections, some meaningful, others pointless, keeps me floating through both open ocean and overcrowded currents. Occasionally I feel a powerful lonesome undertow, born of having company.  However, these are the words of a fortunate man.  A man drenched by a sea of what my friend Erik calls, “endless days of fucking around”.  

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Colorado: Part 2

Most expeditions into the unknown have had a purpose, or at least sought to find and or prove something specific. However, most expeditions, when researched after the fact, tend to provide a variety of unexpected side-benefits for the explorer.  For instance, when Francis of Assisi (my mother's favorite saint) walked to Portugal, looking for God, did he know he would end up communicating with non-human animals? Columbus sailed west, when others knew the world was round, but he and his crew set off to prove it by stealing gold from people who wouldn't expect him to do it from behind!  How could he have guessed he would have found so much chocolate in his search for India's back door?  When Drake set out to sell slaves and plunder the coastlines of the Americas, he couldn't possibly have imagined it would someday net him a beautiful bay, bearing his name long after his death.

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