The Monkey Tooth Podcast is brought to you by Andrew & Tiffany Couch.  The two of us have been together (mostly) since 2000.  We have been on an extended adventure since the spring of 2014 when we rode our bicycles from St. Augustine, Florida to San Diego, California.  Upon returning home from that trip (home was New Orleans, LA then), we decided to move.  We then sold or gave away most of our belongings, bought an RV, and moved to Sonoma County, CA.   

We bought a 2006 Sprinter van in May 2017, and spent the next 6 months outfitting the vehicle to suit our travel needs. 

We are publishing four podcasts per month, as we travel from the Bay Area in California to Alaska, then down to the southern tip of Argentina.  We hope you enjoy them!

Leaving New Orleans, Spring 2014


Tiffany has been a nurse for nearly 15 years.  After spending a decade in the ICU, she made a bit of a career shift and learned the ropes in a new department, the Electrophysiology (EP) Lab.  In the EP lab, Tiffany has the opportunity to assist with incredible procedures performed on the human heart by brilliant physicians.  She is passionate about her calling as a nurse, loves animals (horses and dogs, especially), and is known to her friends and family as inquisitive, sweet and adventurous.   

Since crossing the country on her bicycle in 2014, she has been passionate about cycling.  She also enjoys hiking, kayaking, and will drop whatever she is doing to just sit in the sun.  She is also the best aunt on the planet, according to her 7 nephews and nieces.    

Andrew is (currently) a massage therapist.   If any one thing is true about Andrew's career (to call it a career is a bit generous, honestly), one might say it has been flexible.  Since entering the workforce at the age of 14, Andrew has had over 40 different occupations.  From dishwashing at an all you can eat catfish restaurant in Hernando, Mississippi, to working in money management in the empire State Building in New York City; the path has not been particularly linear.  

Andrew enjoys writing, loves to hike, cycle and kayak.  He also enjoys hearing stories, and discussing any topic which involves words he can pronounce.  His goal is to retire early and often.  This adventure is the latest effort toward that goal.   According to his 9 nephews and nieces, he is, in fact, an uncle.

Andrew...also little.


Pele' is basically what would happen if Andrew's beard were suddenly sentient.  He has been coming around our home, and keeping us company while we worked on the van since the fall of 2017.  

His people found they could no longer care for him, and offered us the opportunity to either find him a new home, or have him live with us.  Ultimately, Pele' made the choice to stay with us.  

He is a ball chasing, playful little man, with tons of character.  We are happy and fortunate to have him with us!

Pele'...fully formed.