Ross Evans (Xtracycle)

Xtracycle or SEXtracycle?

This episode of the MTP is with the creator and CEO of Xtracycle, a family-commuter-utility longtail bicycle company.  Ross was kind enough to invite us over to his home to record with us.  We talked about bicycles, socially responsible business practices, podcasting, trusting your intuition, navigating our own hypocrisy, and getting horny on a bike.  Ross is an EdgeRunner, a pioneer, and according to his two kids (Kale and Ike, ages 7 and 1), he is one part fish, one part beaver, two parts owl, three parts monkey, one part turtle, one part lion, 3.14 parts dragon. and constitutionally unemployable.  
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Xtracycle - 

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

The Meters - Chicken Strut

Midlake - Mr. Amateur

Ray Charles - Mary Ann

Scientist - Smerf Wak Head

John Lee Hooker - Will The Circle Be Unbroken


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Christina & Ellie (Mommy & Mama)

Mommy& Mama

In the second part of our two-part series on non-traditional parenting, (and only two days after mother's day) we struck Mom-gold!  These two ladies are great moms and have a special tale to tell. We sat down with Ellie and Christina in their home in Marin, County and talked about breaking a leg in New York City, finding love, and what it takes to be a mom when your partner is also a mom.  


Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Cat Stevens - Where do the Children Play

Eels - World of Shit

Everly Brothers - Lord of the Manor

Pavement - Pueblo Domain

Gillian Welch - Look at Miss Ohio

Miriam Makeba - Intandane


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Peter Funch

So, Who is Your Daddy?

Before we left on our journey, we got a chance to sit down in the van (behind The Boom-Boom Room, no less) with our new friend Peter.  Peter is a skilled physical therapist, a personal trainer, a Dane, a world traveler, and a hopeful father to be!  Check-in and learn a little something about the trials of becoming a gay dad through surrogacy!

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

The Tams - Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy

Sarah Jaroz - Simple Twist of Faith

Björk - Oceania

Stan Getz & João Gilberto - Aguas de Marco

Dan Auerbach - Trouble Weighs a Ton


Dr. Christopher Ryan

Some Guy in Topanga...

Our guest today is the one and only, Dr. Christopher Ryan.  You may know him as the host of the popular podcast, Tangentially Speaking, or as the New York Times Best Selling Author of "Sex at Dawn".  Andrew took an 8-hour drive to Topanga Canyon to hang out with Dr. Ryan.  You may be asking yourself, "HOW IN THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?"  Well, Dr. Chris Ryan ain't afraid of no stranger from the internet, that's how!  We talked sex, Sprinter vans, disaster sociology, influential teachers, poop, and much more. 

Don't be a dick...get in the van...and have a good time!



Instagram - @thatchrisryan



Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Mulatu Astatke - Yekermo Sew (A Man of Experience and Wisdom) 

Calexico - Alone Again or

The Arcs - Searching the Blue

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba - Te Duniya Laban

Beach Boys - I Just Wasn't Made for These Times

Miriam Makeba - Laku Tshoni 'Ilanga

The Brother's Johnson - Strawberry Letter 2

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An Afternoon of T&A
Famdamily pic.jpg

Tell Us a Story...

Today's special edition episode is brought to you by our good buddy, Shooter. Shooter would be an ideal guest; unfortunately for our listeners, he refused to be a guest, and instead hijacked the podcast to interview us!  
If you don't want to hear Tiff and I talk about ourselves, skip this one.  If you don't mind salty language and poop talk, give this one a listen.  

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The Beta Band - Inner Meet Me

Andrew Couch
Heather Young

The Power of Story

Our guest today is an actress, a producer, a writer, a project manager, a director, and ultimately a hustler!  We talked poo, Pooh, religion, hard work, identity, empowering women, family dynamics and the power of creating a better story.  Open your mind and let Heather inspire you to do your best work!

Links -  - @TheHYoung

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Beastie Boys (Feat: Santigold) - "Don't Play no Game I Can't Win"

Big Thief - Haley

Sampa The Great - Dutch Spring

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine

Alabama Shakes - Shogaze

Sylvan Esso - Uncatena

Sister OM Terrell - Swing Low Chariot



Antoine Lammam

القرد في عين أمه غزال - Al Erd Fi Ein Omo Ghazal (The monkey is as beautiful as a Gazelle in his mother's eyes)

This episode features our friend Antoine; a poet, a musician, a counselor, a massage therapist, a teacher, a translator, a parent, a published author, and an all around interesting character.  We got the chance to record some of his fantastic drumming, a few poems, and one of the greatest laughs we've ever heard.   Open your mind, enjoy some beautiful arabic music, and take a trip with our calm, yet rhythmic friend.

LINKS - Antoine's Facebook - Antoine's Book - About Antoine

Tunes in this episode

 Antoine Lammam - Shallal

Alla - Oud music

Alla - Le Foundou

Antoine Lammam - in his living room on Dumbec

Antoine Lammam - In his living room on Arabic Tambourine

Alla - Oud Music

Alla - Le Foundou


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A traveler, a gentleman, a bread making genius, and of course, a lover; our friend J.T. is one of a kind.  We got the chance to sit down with him at his home in San Leandro, CA to talk about the value of civility, the joys of travel, the unexpected places where love tends to land, the immigration blues, and Turkish apartment rental.  Also, we got the opportunity to test a theory about the universal appeal of Bobby Womack.  Stay tuned-in until the end to hear Tiff tell you how the tale ends!    

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Tunes in this Episode

Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Bobby Womack - Harry Hippie

Selim & Orchester Sesler - Saniey'm

Bobby Womack - I'm in Love

Bobby Womack - Daylight

Oruc Guvenc - Veysel Qarani

Air - Universal Traveler

James Brown - Funky President

Booker T. and the MG's - Stranger on the Shore


Rory Cameron Gibson

Vipassana, Travel, and Wriggling

Are you interested in meditation?  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live life as a gentleman, an adventurer, or a father to be?  If so, Rory has you covered!  Rory and his wife Niki are expecting a baby, moving from California to the UK, and have ridden bicycles around 70% of the globe.  Will they do the other 30% with a baby in-tow?  Tune in, observe it, and move on.  

Links - - Rory Gibson 

Tunes in this Episode - 

Oscar Aleman - Delicado

The Clash - Straight to Hell

Frisco Blues - Bayless Rose

Alash Ensemble - Ondar Girls

Daniel Rosen - Up On High

Zombies - Goin' Out Of My Head

Beta Band - Troubles

Astrud Gilberto - Aruanda


Inge McCormack
Inge and Parker.jpg

Sweet Inge and Parker

On a neighbor's back porch, overlooking a lovely vista, serenaded by birds and local barking dogs, is a great place to hear a heavy story.  Our friend and neighbor, Inge, provided the setting and the story.  Come with us on a little journey through the time and space of an unlikely and beautiful friendship, and let Inge's charm soften the buttery edges of your heart!

Prosthesis Company, mentioned in the story (John Hattingh)

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Yves Montand - Rue St. Vincent

Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum

Adrienne Linker - Jonathan

The Impressions - Woman's Got Soul

Otis Redding - I Love You More than Words Can Say

Lord Melody - BooBoo Man

Corrine Couch - Dreamer in the Moonlight 

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Charris Ford

Come take a ride with our friend Charris Ford!

Grab Yourself A Cricket! 

Here it is, the very first Monkey Tooth Podcast! Our first guest is the one and only Charris Ford! In this episode, we talk with Charris about the unexpected outcomes of experimenting with psychedelic substances, growing up a reluctant hippie, and finding the intestinal fortitude to eat a cricket. We hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as we enjoyed having it!

Here is a song list (by order of appearance)

Oscar Aleman – Delicado

Abida Parveen - Aandhi Chali To

Funkadelic – Can You Get to That

John Lee Carter – Let Me Know

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