Noel Morales

Noel Morales is a chef, a father, a storyteller, an art collector, a native Mexican cosmologist, and an Aztec dancer!  We met him in a little town called Todos Santos in Baja California, Sur.  We talked about food, death, farming, love, Noel’s cultural influences, the dangerous business of traveling in Mexico, and a variety of other crazy topics.  We also briefly talked about his lovely and talented wife, Rachel, and their upcoming cookbook.  Pick up a broom and help us clean up the restaurant after a busy night!


El Refugio - Press - Story by Former Guest and Current Friend, Laura Austin - Instagram

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Delores De Cordoba - La Fe Perdida

Mercedes Sosa - Balderrama

T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo - Aihe Ni Kpe We

Bety & Antonio Resendiz

Bety, little Antonio, Antonio Sr., and Alejandra.

Bety and Antonio are a mother and son team, running a campground in Bahia de Los Angeles, B.C.S..  Bety is a Biologist, and Antonio is a vintner.  Together, they operate their business on the grounds of a converted turtle sanctuary and research station.  We talk turtles, family, loss, community building, and a rare environmental success story.  They also have a one-eyed pug named Elvis; share and enjoy!

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Brian Eno - Zawinul Lava

Juan Hidalgo, Tono Humano  - Trompicávalas Amor


Elvis Presley - That’s Alright Mama

Dale Smith

Dale and a few shots from his early career. Ginsberg and Dylan, smoke and pose behind him.

Cooper and Pele´ …”This interview is finished.”

Meet our new pal, Dale Smith! Dale is an author, photographer, and all-around creative guy. We met him in Bahia de Los Angeles in Baja California. Thanks to his curiosity and his hilarious and little dog, Cooper, we became friends right away. We sat on his back porch and talked about photography, how to land a good gig, how to ditch a bad one, and how to do what makes you happy. We also talked about his time spent with Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan.  Share and enjoy this little beach-side chat!

LINKS - “Draft Dodger” - “What the Orangutan Told Alice” - “What the Parrot Told Alice” - “What the Tortoise Told Alice” - Dale’s Facebook Page

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues

The Doors - Strange Days

Paul Simon - The Obvious Child

Slim Whitman - Vaya Con Dios

Sarah Kate Larsen

Sarah and Tiffany, at Faculty Bar in Los Angeles, CA

Sarah Kate Larsen is a talented and whimsical artist, a world traveler, a teacher, and a creative spark, ready to ignite just about anything. We met up with her in her satellite living room in Los Angeles to talk about art, time travel, dreams, religion, death, joy and where to drink if you are feeling hopeless. We are increasingly fortunate people, listen-in to find out why. Share and enjoy!

Links - Faculty Bar - Sarah’s Instagram

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

The Shins - Weird Divide

Emiliana Torrini - Big Jumps

Classical Ehru

Patrick Watson - Melody Noir

The Lovin’ Spoonful - Daydream

Uwe H. Martin

Uwe and Frauke in Bombay Beach, CA

Uwe is an award-winning journalist, an educator, a documentary filmmaker, and a lover of art and culture. He is also a sweet and gentle soul with a passion for making new friends. Among their many projects, Uwe and his wife, Frauke, are telling the remarkably complex story of global food production in novel and fascinating ways. Tune in to hear a conversation ranging from the joys of being a Bombay Beach local to attempting to understand what is happening to our world as a result of our need to eat. Getting to know Uwe was one of the highlights of my time in Bombay Beach. We are thrilled to share his insights with you. Share and Enjoy!


Land Rush Project - World of Matter - Bombay Flying Club - Social Media - -

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Vera Sola - The Colony

Vera Sola - By Mothlight

Vera Sola - Small Minds

Sean Guerrero

Sean Guerrero is a sculptor, a filmmaker, a story teller, and an all around cool guy. Sean was in Bombay Beach, installing a giant collaborative sculpture made from an airplane fuselage and other thematically relevant detritus from various locations around the states; it is called the DaVinci Fish. His work is beautiful, at times functional, and always interesting...just like conversing with him, in fact! We are proud to bring you our conversation with Chrome Sean Guerrero – Share and Enjoy! 

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Nicola Cruz - Cumbia del Olvido

Ry Cooder - Maria Elena

Doug Sahm - You Never Get Too Big

Walking Ed Senft

Ed Senft, although a young man, is nobody's puppet. With a head full of excellent questions, Ed began walking from Iowa to California on a quest for answers and even better questions. He took a break from all that walking to work his ass off with us in the production of the Bombay Beach Biennale. Tune in to hear his tale! 


Ed’s Instagram - - Ed’s Mom’s Project (Liberal Arts Beyond Bars)

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Daniel Rosen - Golden Mile

Eels - Somebody Loves You

Dan Auerbach - Goin’ Home

Jane Maru

Meet my new friend, Jane. Jane is an artist who works with bee's wax and textiles, a traveler who works with her intuition and a nurturing and giving human who works with her heart. Spend a little time with our magical and funloving friend, Jane Maru!


Vimeo - Jane’s Website

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Devendra Banhart - I feel Just Like a Child

Brian Eno - Fickle Sun

Mark Hollis - A Life

Bob Willis & His Texas Playboys - Maiden's Prayer

Kyle Thiermann

Kyle Thiermann is a professional big wave surfer, host of a popular podcast, and 2/3 of the brains behind The Motherfucker Awards. I got a chance to eat some breakfast with Kyle in Santa Cruz, and he was gracious enough to agree to be on our show. We talked about growing up on a surf board, finding purpose and passion by asking questions in a roundabout way, hosting an award show, the genius of comedians, and much more. I’m grateful, as always, to Dr. Uncle Christopher Ryan for putting this one together. Share and enjoy!


Kyle’s Website - MotherFucker Awards - SC Medicinals - Patagonia Surf

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Beastie Boys - Transitions

Jimi Hendrix - Earth Blues

The Kinks - Powerman

Scramdamblin' with a Cricket!

The Bay Area agrees with this little guy…

In the absence of a guest, we put together this mercifully brief, mini-episode. If you don't care where we've been, what we will be doing next, or what we think about the impact of monotheism on human existence, feel free to skip this one. Oh yeah, we also want to know if you are interested in reading a story with a suicide ending? Share and Enjoy….or maybe don't this time.

Link to Vandana Shiva

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Django Reinhardt - Oriental Shuffle

Bradley Yip

From left to right - Bradley Yip, Bradley’s microphone, Bradley’s cup of coffee, and some sort of sentient and bearded cricket-like creature, holding what appears to be its own cup of coffee.

Bradley is a chef, a traveler, a former model, a dedicated and loving father, and one of the kindest people we’ve met so far! Join us for a post-breakfast chat about Ayurveda, hard work, the importance of a strong team, the essence of good food, modeling, travel, and the destiny-tweaking genius of a guy called Doctor Priest. Share and Enjoy!


Take a Chef - Bradley’s Instagram - Sexy Bradley

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Gülden Karaböcek - Nem Kaldı

Chinese Funk and Psych Fuzz Rock - Let me know if you can find this one!

African Drums

Laura Austin

Laura Austin is an explorer, a writer, a professional photographer, an athlete, a wiz on a drum machine, and one of the funnest people we’ve met so far! We met her over New Years Eve, and had the pleasure of spending several days in her fun and interesting orbit. Take this one on a ride, or a run, and prepare yourself for inspiration. Share and Enjoy!


Laura’s Website - Airstream Journey Video (Endless Caravan) - Laura’s Book - Instagram

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Charles Bradley - Heart of Gold

Stephen Malkmus - No One Is (As I Are Be)

The Rascals - See

Nich Perez

Nich Perez is a professor of cinematography, a director, an inspired filmmaker, a documentarian, a deep thinker, and a pilgrim. We talked about travel, art, the sacred nature of the pixel, the grand adventure of aging, death, dying and the art of grieving. Pour yourself a glass of wine, and join us for a deep discussion.


Nich’s Instagram - BRO Film - Art of Grieving Instagram -Ontology of Media (password is Ontology)

Art of Grieving participants

Joan - Alexis - Natalie

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Bukkene Bruse - Miriams Voggelåt

Instrumental - Hanuman Chalisa (Sitar, Flute & Santoor)

The Third Man - Anton Karas

Kaya Lindsay

One Chick Travels

Kaya is a rock climber, a writer, an inspirational Youtube guide, and a seasoned traveler of hearts, landscapes and minds! We talked solo-female travel, Vanlife, rock climbing, freelance work on the road, and doing it yourself! Also, this one was guest hosted by our sweet niece, Corrine Couch!

Hannah Gallagher

Hannah is a passionate and articulate advocate for children with disabilities, a community leader, an environmental educator, and a sweet and compassionate human being out there in the world doing the right thing! She tells us about her work as the inclusive programs director and a preschool teacher for the Seattle Children’s Playgarden, her background in education, and a touching story about little boys and dinosaurs. Merry Christmas, Friends!

Andrew CouchComment
Josh Short (Bomb Shelter Radio)

Josh Short is the Real Deal!

An American hero, a multi talented artist, a builder, and a creator of tiny worlds; including of his own mobile radio station! He’s also one hell of a D.J.. Take a little time to learn about Bomb Shelter radio and the hyper-creative wold of Josh Short!


Josh’s Website - Facebook - Instagram

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Does anyone actually look at this? Contact me if you do…

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Ricci Cornell

Sweet Ricci, smiling into my heart!


Ricci, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, owner of Blondie's Bar in San Francisco, and a woman of true moxie and chutzpa, took us through a brief recounting of her life's story. Come along to 1940's New York on a Journey through foster homes, transatlantic steamships, finding out where you come from without forgetting who you are, the pursuit of historical perspective, solo female travel in the 1950's, organic food, bars and restaurants, and much more. Share and Enjoy!

Andrew CouchComment
Tao Ruspoli

Tao is a filmmaker, photographer, musician, explorer, Impresario, Superhost for Airbnb, and a truly contemplative man of the world! We talked family, film, ecological disaster expressed by art, philosophy, and sex! As always, I am grateful to Dr. Christopher Ryan for making this connection possible. Share and enjoy!


Tao’s Youtube - Tao’s Website - Tao’s Grandfather - Tao’s Airbnb - Bombay Beach Biennale

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Vangelis (Blade Runner Soundtrack) - Rachel’s Song

Calexico - Roka

Ethiopiques - Tezeta


Freeman, friends! I’ve met a whole bunch of people on this journey, each of them unique in a special way. Freeman is no exception. We met on the shores of the Salton Sea, in a town called Bombay Beach. A few days later, sitting in a little studio near Joshua Tree National Park, he schooled me on pallet structures, living in India, teaching valuable software development skills to young people, having only one short career, and the joy of riding electric unicycles! Relax a bit, and spend some time with our new, sweet friend, Freeman.


Jaaga - Electric Unicycle - Unicycle Video - Unicycle Clubs

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Alash Ensemble - Murgu Solo

DJ Drez - Krishna’s Dub

Charles Bradley - Changes

Joe O'Leary (The Wiser Amuser)

Joe is a writer, a photographer, a river guide, an avid outdoorsman, a poet, a father, a former college football player, and an all-around sweet guy. Joe invited me over, cooked me some breakfast, and told me his tale. We talked about conquering fear, writing, and the Wiser Amuser in all of us. This one was pretty special. Share and Enjoy!

Links - - Buy a Real Book - Download a Book - EnlightenTheLoad -

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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Booker T. and the MG’S - Mo’ Onions

Devendra Banhart - Now That I Know

The Karnataka College of Percussion - Bhajan

Bobby Womack - Harry Hippie