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Dan Piraro

Meet our new pal, Dan Piraro!  Seven days a week for 33 years, Dan wrote, illustrated and published Bizarro Comics.  Now in semi-retirement in Mexico, Dan is creating beautiful and strange paintings, continues to write and illustrate one comic per week, writes a fantastic blog, is raising two charming dogs, and doing it all with the voice of a sultry angel.  Thanks to Dr. Uncle Chris Ryan, we were able to spent a few hours at Dan’s home, meet his sweet dogs, record a hilarious podcast, meet his even sweeter wife and share some food before we hit the road.  We talked about retiring in Mexico, his thoughts on capitalism, our shared wonderment at what Popeye was really up to, finding inspiration in the weirdness of church, and much more.  Join us for a wide ranging and fun conversation with a truly interesting character. Share and Enjoy!



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Tunes in This Episode

Oscar Aleman – Delicado

Louis Prima – Just a Gigolo

The Funky Meters – Hey Bo Didley

Beck - Burro