Devin Fin and J.D. Smith

We met J.D. in Joshua Tree over Christmas. We spent a few days camped across the road from him in a campground, and bonded over a jar of pickled green beans. In fact, meeting J.D. helped inspire this podcast! J.D. is one bad-ass climber, currently seeking endorsement deals. We met up with J.D. in Vedauwoo, WY on our way south, and we are super glad we did.

J.D. was camped out and had been climbing with a few new friends, including this weeks other guest, Devin Fin. Devin is a professional rock climber, and something of a luminary in the sport of '“of-width” climbing. Don’t know what “off-width” means? No worries, all you have to do is sit back, maybe smoke a little jazz cabbage, and these two charming characters will tell you all about it.

We talked about climbing, native culture, pro-deals, living on the road, and how to charm the police if visiting while Dutch. We had a blast with these two, we think you will too!


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Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Beta Band - Human Being

Beastie Boys - Namaste

Fela Kuti - Water get No Enemy

Men at Work - Be Good Johnny

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