Amanda Sage & Joe Bob Merrit

On your left, you may observe one human dummy. To your right, seated by the Caravan of Chaos and Chance, you will see Joe Bob and Amanda; fitting together like a beautiful puzzle.

Joe Bob and Amanda are artists, makers, and two wildly inspirational and free human beings. We surprised them both with our recording gear and captured one hell of a magical hour! We talked about Vinotok, Burning Man, making art, mystical experiences, and how the human is to consciousness what the mushroom is to mycelium. See below for links to their good works!


Fantastic Fungi Movie - Amanda’s Website - Joe Bob’s Website Joe Bob’s Instagram - Amanda’s Instagram - Amanda’s CoSM Workshop - Philip rubinov Jacobson -


Oscar Aleman - Delicado

Cat Stevens - Peace Train

Nicola Cruz - Eclipse

Icaros Chamanicos

Elias Lammam - Soltan Ahl Al Hawa

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